Federal Conspiracy Explained

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What the Government has to prove:

Not much. The Government has to prove very little to convict someone of a conspiracy under federal law. Importantly, a person can be convicted of the crime of conspiracy even if no crime is ever committed. To prove a conspiracy the Government needs only to prove two things:

1.  That a conspiracy existed, meaning that two or more people agreed to violate certain provisions of the law; and

2.  That the defendant willfully and knowingly entered into the conspiracy.

What the Government does not have to prove:

  • That a person knew all of the members of the conspiracy;
  • That a person knew about everything everyone in the conspiracy was doing;
  • That a person received money as part of their participation in the conspiracy;
  • That a person committed more than one act to help the conspiracy

What a person charged in a conspiracy is responsible for:

  • All that was done before the person joined the conspiracy
  • All that is done during the conspiracy while they are a member

So what can I do?

If you or a loved one are charged in a conspiracy, it is important to contact an attorney who is knowledgable in this area of law. The Law Office of Jennifer R. Louis-Jeune regularly handles conspiracy cases in federal court and can help you understand and defend your case to the fullest. Visit our website or give us a call.

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