JENNIFER LOUIS-JEUNE focuses her law practice on criminal defense in New York and New Jersey. She represents clients at all stages of criminal prosecution from arrest to appeal.

At the Law Office of Jennifer R. Louis-Jeune, we recognize that every case is different. Each client comes with their own story and a criminal case impacts every aspect of a person’s life. We spend many hours getting to know our clients and we work not only with the client but also with their family – whether that involves sitting and speaking with family members, meeting on the weekends or helping to identify resources that may be available for clients and their families, we understand the importance of having access to your attorney.  As a family member of someone charged and convicted of a very serious crime, Ms. Louis-Jeune has a unique understanding of what it means to have a loved one fighting for their freedom.

Ms. Louis-Jeune has appeared in state courts throughout New York and New Jersey and federal courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and New Jersey. In addition to criminal defense, Ms. Louis-Jeune litigates civil rights violations for clients whose constitutional rights have been violated by state or local municipalities or officials.

Ms. Louis-Jeune currently focuses her practice on cases assigned in federal court pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act. In this capacity, Ms. Louis-Jeune represents clients who cannot afford representation in federal court in a wide range of matters – from mortgage fraud, narcotics conspiracy, sex trafficking, homicide and everything in between.  As an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School in the Federal Litigation Clinic, Ms. Louis-Jeune supervises second and third year law students as they represent clients in federal criminal, civil and appellate courts.   Ms. Louis-Jeune also currently volunteers as a supervisor with the Criminal Justice Clinic at Howard Law School in conjunction with her work with the ACLU of Louisiana

In her previous positions as an Associate of Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter and Gottlieb & Janey, Ms. Louis-Jeune handled extensive dockets of criminal and civil cases.  Ms. Louis-Jeune has handled numerous driving while intoxicated cases and was certified by the Department of Transportation as a Certified Breath Test Operator. She has also filed several federal civil rights claims on behalf of clients in New York City alleging misconduct by the NYPD which resulted in her clients receiving compensation for false arrest, assault, and battery.

Ms. Louis-Jeune is a proficient Spanish speaker which allows her to effectively communicate without the use of a translator.